Friday, June 26, 2015

Barn Animal/Farm Party Invitation

I love when my family asks me to design invitations for them. My nephew was turning 2 earlier this year so my sister asked me to create an invitation to match the barn party she was throwing for them. My sister has goats and lambs and ducks at her house and she borrowed a few more animals from other neighbors and had a little petting zoo. My nephew loves animals so it was perfect for him.

I actually didn't even get to go to this party because I had an eight day old little baby and wanted to keep her away from people during the winter months but my husband and daughter went. I didn't get to take any pictures of the decor but my sister took a couple.

She had cute barn/farm themed food and you can see my berry baskets there full of veggies! Such a cute idea.
 She asked everyone to dress up so here is my little Brooklyn all dressed up as a farmer. 

Today I am giving you the invitation I created for this party as a *free* download. Click on the link below or on the picture of the invitation below to grab it.

Products recommended for this party:

xoxo, Becky

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